“Intervention Divine” A Two Week Mayan Healing Mastery Intensive Retreat


What if you could access the specific dimensions & frequencies that create

mastery while expanding your healing abilities?


The sacred teachings of Divine Intervention have been transmitted through 25 generations Mayan shamanic healers. Weaving together natural forces and universal laws, Divine Intervention is one of the loudest and most powerful prayers for physical and multi-dimensional healing.


Carole and John have received teachings and initiations coming various traditions of ancestral wisdom. Together they will allow you to access a new level of personnel and universal consciousness, while you will learn to transform your difficulties and dis-eases into strengths and manifestation.

Learn to align yourselves, to be centered and to create healthy limits for your own well-being and that of your clients.


Learn to liberate your repressed emotions et tap into the pure power of your emotions as you grow in mastery of your own self.


Through your own transformation, you will be able to hold greater space and to channel more and more energy to heal on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

We are offering 2 possibilities to receive these powerful and sacred teachings : an intensive 2-week retreat or 1 week end a month for 6 months, one of which being a  4-day weekend.

Each one will receive daily Instruction & Multiple Initiations :

       - Accessing and Understanding Higher Dimensions & Frequencies

       - Divine Intervention & Spontaneous Remission of Dis-ease

       - Miracles Day-Breaking through your Fears

       - Soul Retrieval

       - Breath of God Technique

       - Psychoma—Trance Healing

       - Mastery in Grounding, Sacred Space & Energetic Hygiene

       - Energetic Anatomy & Original Cause of dis-ease

       - Clearing Methods for Your Healing Space

       - Long Distance Healing Techniques

       - Exploring & Clearing Core Issues

       - Ethics & Client Protocols

       - Universal Laws

       - Building Your Healing Practice


Shared Lodging at the Center for the Duration of the Class, Energetically Prepared Meals, (vegetarian & non vegetarian)

Nature walks and other surprises




The elders have spoken. The time has come to disseminate

these teachings around the world !

Carole and John are deeply honored and committed to

passing on these ancient teachings in France and throughout the world.

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