This page is dedicated to anglophone people who would discover crystals throught Essence Originelle's vision and feelings.

We love STONES and specially the one which accept to come to support us.

For the largest part of them, we choose them, ONE by ONE.


And we would be very :

  • honored to share our passion with You,
  • happy to support and guid You to feel some,
  • blessed to send You a stone from whom you listen a call for it.


Trust your feeling, no matter the distance, because your Energy is unlimited and we are all as ONE !


Auralite-23 : a New Stone of the New Consciousness !

  • Excellent tool for spiritual healing and Awakening on every level (Code Clearing, DNA Healing and Cellular Activation),
  • A global healer,
  • Bridge to the divine through all the elements and minerals found in it,
  • Wonderful facilitator for deep meditation,
  • Relaxes/ balances our physical body and beneficial for the removal of tension,
  • Reminds our body of its proper vital functions and bring forth regeneration,
  • Simulates and balances all 7 main chakras and also other chakras in the proscess of activation.

Discover the Aqua Aura Stone: a divine union between quartz crystals & Gold.


Enjoy the sweetness of it, which  (re)connects to your Higher Self and to be greater confident and daring to be who you are, embrassing fully your sensitivity !


Click here to see the video on our YouTube page.


K2 Stone : just be ....proud as a mountain !


K2 Stone (Azurite in Granite) : also been called K-2 Jasper, although it is not Jasper at all.
It is Azurite (blue) and/or Malachite (green) in Granite that comes from Pakistan.


Click here to travel in the Mountain on our YouTube page with the K2.



Short video that explains what is Amphibole Quartz and how to use it. A strong message from it...


To listen & see it, click here.


Short video about wonderful Tanzanite that helps us to reconnect intuitively to our higher self.

A natural beauty !                                                        To listen & see it, click here.


Aqua Marine : clean your mind and negative energies then, open your throat to speak your truth from your heart !



Click here to swim in the sweetness of the Aqua Marine on YouTube.



Chrysocolla & Turquoise : calm, cleanse, detox and re-energize your physical and subtil bodies to radiate who you are deeply : listen inside of you and be authentic !



Click here to DISCOVER the properties of these two stones on YouTube.



Phénacite : emanates high vibrations and can create powerful visionary effects. This is a powerful stone of the third eye has the ability to allow one to dive deep within themselves. Phenacite is considered by some to have the highest vibrational rate of the mineral world.



Click here to DISCOVER the properties of this stone on YouTube.

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