Advanced Neuraoplasticity - Brook Still

June 13 to June 16 2019, near Poitiers, France


This 4-Day Practitioner Training is designed for both the healing practitioner and those curious to delve into neuroplasticity for themselves.


The depth of understanding how our brains work has taken great leaps forward over the past 10 years. We can literally re-wire our brains by forming new connections and weakening old ones. When we learn a new skill or create a new habit/pattern this is a form of neuroplasticity. We also use neuroplasticity to heal the brain from issues such as the effects of a stroke, brain injury, birth abnormalities, helping to overcome autism, ADD, ADHD and learning disabilities. We also can incorporate this in shifting out of depression, healing addictions and reversing obsessive compulsive patterns.


Basic techniques in the practice of neuropsychology have great results. These techniques combined with the powerful energetic transmission you will receive during this 3-day training catapults this work from great to phenomenal. Welcome to Brain Soulutions!

During our time together we will play and challenge ourselves and our thought patterns to look at life in different ways, from new perspectives, learning new tasks, or choosing different emotions, to start carving out new pathways within our incredible brains. Brook will also share her personal journey and tools that she used to transform her own brain from being autistic to being balanced and brilliant. You will be introduced into the harmony of practical, scientific and spiritual techniques to help you truly expand your awareness and brain function into a higher and more intelligent consciousness.


Not only will you get training on shifting the brains thoughts and patterns you will learn how to strengthen these pathways much faster than the usual 66 days of work it takes to create a new strong neural pathway around the way we think. You will also receive the training for the techniques to help heal the brain and work with the entire nervous system that Brook has developed and successfully implemented to aid in the healing needed for her clients and herself.


In our training, we go into the connection of our digestive system and our heart with the brain to create dynamic multi-system healings with remarkable results. We dive deep into understanding why our digestive system is called the 2nd brain. We approach heart work at a level and understanding of working with both the brain and digestion that creates long lasting and fast shifts in our emotional and mental programming. Our system is the only healing modality that we know that consciously works all three systems together for a profound state of homeostasis for all levels of the body.


June 13 - June 16, 2019
Registration: 150€ Non-Refundable Deposit due upon registration.
Maximum of 30 people per class.
• Early Bird Discount : 650€ if deposit is paid on or before April 15th
Investment after that date is 800€. All Final Payments are due by June 1st.


Brook Still is known internationally for her life changing workshops, retreats and healing practice. Brook is recognized as a master teacher and healer by some of the world’s greatest mystics. She honors all cultures, traditions and religions understanding that though the paths are many, we indeed are all one. Brook believes that every being is a master and it is therefore everyone’s
mission and purpose to awaken themselves and others to this truth.

As a teacher Brook’s presence is vibrant and compassionate, her joy and laughter is simply contagious. Her connection to Source is exceptional and immediately felt by all who are with her. Brook has the extraordinary ability to merge her esoteric and mystical training with cutting edge science for remarkable results. She breaks down ancient methodologies, complex theories, and
techniques into an easily understood, usable, and fun format.


In both her classes and sessions she builds the energy of the room with incredible love to serve who she is with to integrate their healing and teachings at the deepest levels. Brook’s way of interacting with her students and clients fully reflects her devotion in assisting and inspiring them to awaken and embrace their greatest potential and to truly heal their core issues. Her unique ability to sense the best way to work with each group she is with from moment to moment is one of Brook’s greatest strengths and must be experienced to fully appreciate this master at work.



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