The Flower of Life Crystal Matrix

The Flower of Life Crystal Matrix – individual and universal healing sessions

Join us in the Flower of Life Crystal Matrix – wherever you are in the world! We are bringing people together from all places & religions to be a part of this ongoing event.

Let’s reconnect to each other in Unity Consciousness and allow ourselves to progressively reconnect with our own divine essence.

The Flower of Life Crystalline Matrix is a mandala made of quartz crystals dedicated to Unity Consciousness. Its purpose  ̶  with the help of all participants  ̶  is to create a portal to the 5th dimension, where humanity will no longer live in duality and separation and will enter the world of universal and unconditional love.

The Flower of Life comprises 144 quartz crystals laid out as petals. Each participant is energetically placed in one of the six petals for a session of alignment with and activation of Unity Consciousness… wherever they are in the world. This works great whatever the distance!

During each session, your consciousness and all your physical and subtle bodies will be progressively aligned and prepared to enter as easily as possible in the next era of human experience that some call the new Golden Age.


Please book your session below. You choose the numbre of sessions and the  amount that is the most appropriate for you (before the activation was 12€, and now, it's your choice following your consciouness).

Activation possible of 1 session of 45 minutes, The best recommendation in order to fully integrate the energies of the Flowers of Life Crystal Matrix is the Activation of 13 sessions – (1 per moon during one lunar year).

In order to activate your sessions we need your name, date of birth and city of residence. The sessions are activated during the new moon ou the full moon.

Please book your sessions below :

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Flower of Life Crystal Matrix

Each 45 minute session will be activated on the next full or new moon. We will inform you of the date and time of each activation. Please send us your full name, date of birth and city of résidence.

Thankyou and enjoy the voyage to the 5th dimension !

Flower of Life Crystal Matrix Activation

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